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Google+ is dead: long live Google+


google imageYou may have heard that on Jan 23rd, Google pulls the plug on Google+.

In fact (and this is not an alternative fact!), Google are simply revamping Google+, adding new features as requested by current users. As Google says,

“We believe the new Google+ is really your Google+ — designed around your suggestions, requests and needs.”

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10 reliable tips to improve your website backlinks

blackboard boy backlinksAs every website owner knows, search engines loves backlinks. These are links from other websites that take people from their website to yours.

However, not all backlinks are equally in Google’s eyes and with good reason.

There used to be a massive online industry in selling links. Many website owners signed up.

Unfortunately the links they bought came from basic, spammy or just plain nasty sites totally unconnected with their market.

It was only a matter of time before Google and other search engines put their collective foot down and introduced penalties for so-called black hat backlinks.

So, how can you ensure your backlinks are whiter than white? Read on for our top ten tips for beautiful backlinks…


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What SEO is NOT: debunking 5 popular SEO myths

SEO superhero2In a US election week when fact and fiction appear to be interchangeable (and what seemed a far-fetched fantasy only a year ago becomes reality), we’ve decided to debunk a few SEO myths that have been flying about recently.

Clients often ask us to "SEO" their website, as if it were a process that's easy to apply, like a coat of paint.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Search engines keep changing what they want to see in a website.

So, SEO has to adapt to those new requirements accordingly.

This state of constant flux leads to myths building up over what SEO is, what it isn't and 'quick fixes' to get to the top slot in Google (which, btw, don't exist).

So, we're about to bust a few myths. Stand back...


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Are your website and social media pages ready for Halloween?

halloween pumpkinsIt’s a scary thought, but Halloween is at the end of this week.

(And that means there are only eight shopping weeks to Christmas!)

But why should you ‘decorate’ your website for these, or indeed any holiday seasons, especially if what you’re selling is not seasonally dependent?

The answer is spookily simple.


Search engines like to see change on a website. Social media sites like to see change on a Company page. And most of all, customers like to see change - but not too much.

So here are five quick ways to make your website look seasonally sensational, without a frightening amount of work.


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Explosive features: when tech turns bad like the Galaxy Note7

samsung note7 Aaron YooUnless you have been living under a very large rock or still have a telephone attached to the wall by a long cable, you can’t have escaped the news about Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 phablet (phone/tablet) recall.

Following a series of incidents of the device bursting into flames on its initial release, Samsung recalled the affected batch of Galaxy Note7 phones and replaced their faulty batteries.

When some of these replacement phones subsequently overheated, Samsung took the decision to stop sales and shipments and recall all Note7 devices.

It’s a salient reminder that when tech goes bad, it can be extremely disruptive at best, and downright dangerous at worse. What's more, if it does all go up in smoke, your most valuable asset pobably isn't the phone, but the data on it...


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