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Explosive features: when tech turns bad like the Galaxy Note7

samsung note7 Aaron YooUnless you have been living under a very large rock or still have a telephone attached to the wall by a long cable, you can’t have escaped the news about Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 phablet (phone/tablet) recall.

Following a series of incidents of the device bursting into flames on its initial release, Samsung recalled the affected batch of Galaxy Note7 phones and replaced their faulty batteries.

When some of these replacement phones subsequently overheated, Samsung took the decision to stop sales and shipments and recall all Note7 devices.

It’s a salient reminder that when tech goes bad, it can be extremely disruptive at best, and downright dangerous at worse. What's more, if it does all go up in smoke, your most valuable asset pobably isn't the phone, but the data on it...


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Why reviews can boost your website’s ranking

man on ipad“Reviews are the unsung heroes of SEO.” So said a speaker at BrightonSEO back in September, and the evidence is certainly mounting up in favour of reviews for a number of reasons.

Let’s start with the “why have reviews” question first. Here’s why.

• 90% of consumers read online reviews
• 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

So, does your website feature reviews? And if it does, are they accessible to search engines? Read on to discover why reviews should be be a key part of your SEO strategy…


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5 effective ways to get backlinks that really count

backinks linking keyBacklinks have come a long way from the early days when you could simply buy them by the bucketload for a few dollars - and thank goodness for that.

Today’s backlinks need to be from good quality, relevant sources in order to please the search engines and to stand any chance of improving your website rankings.

So, how can you improve your backlinks without hours of work?


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iPhone 7 - have you got yours yet?

iPhone7Plus iPhone7 JetBlkAs our regular clients know, we’re big fans of Apple tech here at Akira Studio. However, we’re not rushing out to buy the new iPhone 7 (or iPhone 7 Plus) quite yet, and here’s why.

We use our iPhones as smart phones.

Yes, that might sound shocking and archaic, but we make calls on them, receive emails and browse the web.

Yes, we do listen to music, take photos and post the to our social media accounts, but ultimately it’s a smart phone.

However, the much-trumpeted new features to the iPhone 7 seem to be all about video and music.

So, how could a new iPhone 7 benefit your business?


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22 top takeaways from BrightonSEO conference September 2016

brightonSEO seaview

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...

Despite Brighton looking decidedly underwhelming in the rain, SEO guru Kirsty spent a wonderful day at probably the best UK search marketing conference, held just across the road from the beach and the remains of the iconic pier.

Not that she saw much of the seafront, spending all day eagerly capturing top tips from the movers and shakers in website content management, search, social media and more.

Here are just a few of them. Enjoy!


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