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Why hire a London web designer

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If you’re like us, you’re getting emails from web designers advertising their services at least once a week. (Yes, they even email us!) So, with so many web design companies out there, how can you choose one that’s right for you?

Our advice is to look locally for a web designer in London Ontario. This might seem counter-intuitive, but there are three very good reasons to use a London-based web design company like Akira Studio rather than one in Toronto or out of state (or country).


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5 ways to make your business cards stand out

hand holding business cardThe humble business card. They've been around for centuries, have survived the technical revolution, and are still an essential part of defining our business identity.

You've probably got a boxful sitting on your desk right now - and a drawerful of ones you've collected from meetings, networking events, etc.

They are probably the pick of the crop too; otherwise they would probably be in the trash long ago.

So how can you ensure your business card is a keeper?


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What do your customers Like, and why?

blog computer keysYou've got the website, you've got the social media accounts, so - what you do post about?

It's a question many business people struggle with, and with good reason. Many of us started our careers in an era of corporate discretion and formality.

Now we're being asked to engage with customers we haven't met on an almost daily basis.

 The general maxim for all social media posts is to only post what you would be happy to see again with your grandmother, company CEO and six year old nephew sitting beside you - and a shareholder or two.

Which still leaves the question of what customers would want to read on your posts, and what they would actively click and Like...


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Top five tips for SEO and social media success

brighton seo blog imageAt Akira, we invest considerable time in learning about new trends, techniques and technologies to make our websites the best possible.

While we spend many hours following leading lights in website design and development online, nothing beats hearing these people speak live at a conference - and being able to quiz them in person!

Our SEO and copywriter Kirsty recently attended BrightonSEO, a cutting edge conference bringing together top SEO and social media practitioners from the UK, US and Europe to discuss what they do, why they do it, and most usefully, exactly how they do it.


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New Website Project Launch - Stuart Knight

stuart knight


Stuart Knight is a charismatic Canadian inspirational speaker who, quote, "Has helped over 1 million people change their life". Stuart wanted a website that would inspire people as well as showcase his services, presented in a format that was as attention-grabbing and dynamic as his own talks.

Akira developed a dynamic website in a slick, modern full screen width style. The home page only features a few items, but has terrific visual impact thanks to contrasting black and white images with full colour, full sized video. Careful use of sliders (bars that you click to reveal drop down text) ensures an uncluttered look whilst retaining the optimum amount of text required for search engine indexing and high SERPs results.

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