top ten event

Client:    Top Ten Event
Project:    New website for live event

This unique event brings together 10 celebrated Canadians who are inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking. People who are leaders in their field, be it journalist, business, film, advertising - or just life. It gives them ten minutes each on stage to inspire, enthuse and enlighten their audience.

Hosted by Stuart Knight, this event is exciting, dynamic and very accessible. Our single page website design needed to reflect the exceptional quality of the speakers, and yet make it feel that anyone with $40 could come along and have a terrific evening.

The full width design website header has striking static graphics and dynamic element, giving a feeling of energy that flows throughout the whole one-page site. The site also features two full width videos, both produced to Stuart's exceptionally high standards, which give prospective ticket buyers a good feel for the event. The whole site is very clean, uncluttered, with lots of white space, and several CTAs (Call to Action) large blue buttons that take customers direct to the theatre complex box office website to buy tickets online.

Project Features:

  • Single page, full width design
  • Full width videos
  • Mix of monochrome and limited colour palette for clarity
  • Direct link to online ticket sales
  • Rolling gallery of monochrome headshots for uniformity of image