Groves of Varsity

Client: Statesman Group
Project: Groves of Varsity development

The Groves of Varsity is a new residential development, built in a very desirable part of Calgary Alberta by the Statesman Group.

The Group required a website to promote the advantages of this ‘lock and leave’ maintenance-free community to a wide demographic of potential buyers, from first time home owners to downsizing couples.

Akira Studio designed a smart, clean, website combining large areas of white space with rich text colours to create the ambience of the development itself - spacious, relaxed, quiet.

Reduced menu choices (not just for Gordon Ramsey!)
The menu choices are kept to a minimum, with most information under the "About Us" tab. Buyers can find all the relevant information, such as floor plans, facilities and customising options on one drop-down menu. This is particularly important for those viewing the site on a mobile device, cutting down on the need to swap menus.

The images of the development 'swoop' in when the page loads, and gently bounce when moused over, giving a feeling of flowing movement throughout the site.

Project features:

  • Clean, uncluttered website design reflecting the development's values
  • Simple menu structure for easy browsing on mobile devices
  • Full width slideshow featuring both real and CAD images
  • Image galleries with 'swoop in' feature for movement without video
  • One of several websites Akira Studio are creating for the Statesman Group of companies, including AMG London and The Manor Village Life Centres