touch screen kiosk and digital signage developer

Client: Stratford Perth Museum
Project: touch screen display

After a successful redesign of the Museum's website, Akira Studio were asked back to design an interactive portal where people can look up the service records and war records of family members alive and deceased.

Military archive access for Perth residents

The portal gives visitors access to the digital archives of those who served in the Perth Regiment, and men and women from Perth County who served in conflicts prior to and during Word War II.

The display divides records up into three distinct eras:

  • 1855-1913: The Militia period
  • 1914-1938: WWI and the Interwar Period
  • 1939-1946: World War II

Visitors can use the touch screen to access the different periods, or use the search field to look up a particular name. The eye-catching design mixes practical information on how to use the portal with documents from the archives, including photos and maps.

Project features:

  • Interactive museum display screen design
  • Integrated with database of war records
  • Use if existing documents as part of the design
  • Bilingual instructions in English and French