LA Park

Client:    LA Park Group
Project:    New joint website

When LA Park Group needed a new website for two of their car-related businesses, but only had the time and budget for one, Akira Studio came up with a novel solution.

Dual Design
We designed a dual website for both the stretched limousine hire company and the showroom-level car detailing service. Both businesses share the same aim of high quality service and attention to detail, combined with the excitement and luxury of VIP travel and super-shiny cars!

Akira's chief designer Tony created a stylish matt black design which provides an ideal background to the superb 'lifestyle' images L A park could provide. The combination of design and images highlights the quality and exclusivity of both services. We also designed two elegant new logos that provide brand consistency across the two businesses.

Four 'Read More...' boxes below the main image provided the opportunity to highlight specific services from either business, such as wedding limo hire and airport transportation.

Online Booking
L A Park also wanted customers to be able to book a limo or a car detailing session online. Akira created a simple yet effective form with options to book on a particular day, if available. L A Park staff from the appropriate business would then ring to confirm the booking, combining the convenience of online booking with that all-important personal touch.

SEO Keyword Integration
SEO expert and copywriter Kirsty conducted in-depth keyword research for both businesses and used the results to create a revised sitemap which offers more level of detail. She also integrated the most effective keywords into new on-page text and 'hidden' meta tags. This process ensures that search engines would feature all pages in relevant search results, not just the home page.

Finally, she also wrote a series of blogs highlighting services linked with the time of year, to make them relevant and timely. (Did you know, for example, that 20% of all engagements in Canada happen in December?) With the blog placed prominently at the bottom of the Home page, the regular posts give customers and search engines alike a reason to return to the website time and time again.

Project Features:

  • Dual business website
  • Stylish, exciting design
  • Integration of high quality images
  • Online booking form for limo hire and car detailing
  • Fully responsive design for mobile devices
  • In-depth SEO keyword research
  • Copywriting of content and blog posts