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Social Media

Social media for business has finally come of age, and is now an effective and efficient way to reach thousands of new customers, and build your business or brand to new heights.

Social networks are also incredibly daunting if you've never used them before, and can eat time and resources if you don't know what you're doing - and why you’re doing it.

At Akira, we cut through the social chit-chat and offer targeted social marketing services that are cost-effective and time-efficient. As one of the leading social media companies In London ON, we’ve created social network campaigns for Canada and UK clients that have engaged new customers, boosted website traffic, and established their sites as ‘go-to’ destinations for quality information and advice.

Social Media Likes and Reviews

We add active social media icons to every page of your website, so anyone can recommend your site to their friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google +. Every time someone clicks one of these, it acts like a 'vote of approval' to the search engines for your website, and your website's ranking will be improved.

Facebook pages for business

Facebook isn't just for individuals; your business can now have a Company page where you can share news, views and information with anyone who becomes a Fan of your page. Offer them special deals, get their opinions, conduct surveys, or ask them to review your products - it's all there just for the asking. We'll help you set up your page, design attention-grabbing headers and even write posts for you, which can appear in a feed on your website too.

Twitter for business

Twitter is (currently) 140 characters of sheer brilliance; a quick and easy way to drive customers to news, views and information on your website, Facebook page or in-store promotions. We'll design a stunning background for your page, write your tweets if you wish, and put a Twitter feed on your website to keep it looking live and active.

Blogs and Web Articles

A well-written blog is a joy to read, and brings people back to your website time and time again for the latest information or company adventure. Equally, a store of informative articles your customers can refer to on your products or your type of services sets your website up as the 'place to go' for information.

Search engines also love discovering new things on your website, especially unique and well-crafted text such as blogs and informative articles. Feed those search engines with interesting content (and a few choice keywords), and watch your site rise up the SERPs.

  • If that fill you with dread, don't panic, we'll do the writing for you, including:
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Tweets,
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ posts
  • White papers
  • Information sheets
  • Infographics for Pinterest

Together we can make your website the most interesting authority in your market sector!

So, go on, get social with Akira!