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WordPress (WP) is a powerful web publishing system that enables us to create stunning websites for your business.

WordPress may have started out as a blogging system, but it has grown into a flexible, robust and powerful business-grade platform of websites. Which means it’s suitable for big business sites, e-commerce sites, social networks and almost any kind of customizable website you can think of.

It’s this flexibility, combined with the continual development of the underlying software by keen developers the world over, that makes WordPress a smart choice for business websites. No wonder almost 23% of all websites are built using WP, including Time Magazine, Disney, LinkedIn, Facebook and, yes, even parts of Google!

Easy to use, easy to change

WordPress websites are so easy to update, even if you’ve no idea about website design or how they work. Who needs to, when WP makes it so easy? Simply log in, choose the page of text you want to update, change it on the text editing screen, and publish. Bingo, your website is updated, with no danger of messing up the design or formatting.

Want more functions?

There’s a plug-in for that One of the great joys of WordPress is that it’s incredibly flexible. If you want to add new functions to a WP website, you simply buy a plug-in. These work like mini apps inside your website, adding extra features for almost anything you can think of. So, if you want to add a particular feature, you can usually do so without having to redesign or recode the whole website.

The Akira WP toolkit - quality built in

All Akira websites come pre-loaded with some of the best WP plug-ins as standard, so that your website is efficient, effective and completely mobile-compatible. This includes the industry-leading SEO plug-in package, so your website will be found more quickly and indexed more easily by the search engines. And it won’t cost you a penny extra.

Meet the WP Team at Akira

We’re so keen on Wordpress as a tool for building the best websites for our clients, we’ve got a WordPress designer both sides of the Pond!

  • Covering our UK and European clients is WordPress web designer Christine, whose skill in designing clean, sharp, contemporary websites is, quite frankly, amazing.
  • In Canada, Akira founder Tony offers superb WordPress web design in London ON for our Canadian and US clients.

WordPress Web Design Portfolio

Want to check out what a WP website looks like? Here are a couple of WP websites we designed earlier - feel free to see how they look on your mobile phone or tablet too. (Does your website look as nice? If not, call us!)