Search Engine Optimization With Akira

Search engine optimization isn’t some dark art or mysterious process. It simply helps your website to be found by potential customers looking for products like yours. Akura’s SEO and copywriting services can make your website words work hard for your business.

SEO website copywriting

Many business owners hate writing or are just too busy to create website text. Our experienced SEO copywriter creates engaging, ‘selling’ copy which gently includes all those SEO keywords search engines need to read. We also include unique meta data as part of the service, vital for Google rankings.

Keyword research

Our keyword research service reveals the words real customers are using to find websites like yours every day. SEO research also reveals any hidden gems of phrases that people type in frequently, but your competition may have missed.

For more details on our SEO keyword research services, call us.

SEO Copywriting

Social media “baseline” service

Our baseline social media service posts high quality social media content for your business. We’ll post hand-crafted, unique content specific to your business to your chosen social media channels. You then ‘top up’ this activity with your own posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, for that personal touch.

Blogs and web articles

A well-written blog is a joy to read. It also brings potential customers back to your website time and time again for the latest information or company news. Blogs also ‘feed’ search engines with interesting content, ensuring they are regularly indexed and rise up the SERPs.

Websites built for SEO

All Akira websites are built in WordPress and include the Yoast SEO plug-in, so your website is as ‘visible’ as possible. You won’t notice the ‘techie’ stuff we’ve done behind the scenes, but the search engines will!

Digital marketing

We’re not a digital marketing agency, but we can offer targeted social marketing services that are cost-effective and time-efficient. We’ve created integrated campaigns for Canada and UK clients that have engaged new customers, boosted website traffic, and established their sites as ‘go-to’ destinations for quality information and advice.

Let’s Work Together


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